The channel of SOK (in the original version) is a unique platform, which gives talented, but not "untwisted" and "media" people the opportunity to find their viewers, share their thoughts, music and other creativity with thousands of audiences. SOK is a scene where you can get bypassing avid producers who are only looking at super-profitable projects. But at the same time,

SOK is an uneasy test by the most sophisticated audience, which St. Petersburg is generally considered to be. If you are full of ideas, shoot television, make movies, compose music, sing, teach some skill or just teach to live, if you have useful information and interesting thoughts - welcome to us! We will show you to our viewers. And who knows, maybe for someone it will be the first step to the top of the success that any creative personality craves!


We are specialists with many years of experience in the installation of suspended ceiling systems. We give a guarantee for our work for 1 year. We carry out installation of any ceiling suspension systems, Armstrong, Geipel, Lumessvet, Luxalon, Ecophon, Bard, Primet and many others. Our goal is long-term and mutually beneficial relations with our customers, we appreciate our customers and their time. Therefore, we are ready to provide a full range of services for the calculation, delivery and installation of ceiling systems.

Also any of the services can be ordered separately.

Studio 4 FLOOR was established in September 2010. In the beginning, it was a small team of enthusiasts in love with television, one camera and a great desire to create a beautiful, interesting and useful video. Gradually, this desire was realized in high-quality video content in the form of several TV programs on construction topics. The first issues were broadcast on the Internet, but having reached a certain professional level, one of the projects, entitled "BUILDING PANORAMA" got a place on TV channel TVC. After that, great professionals were drawn into the collective, the technical base was replenished with the newest advanced equipment. In 2014, the studio created its own cable channel, broadcasting in the south of Petersburg, with an audience of more than 20,000 people. As well as significantly expanded the range of its activities.